Quinn was able help us with some post-op concerns. She offered all kinds of great advice which really helped my husband heal much faster!
— Heather. N, Patient Asheville NC

Stories From Our Patients

I was referred to Quinn after a series of hospitalizations related to my inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). I’ve had IBD for 25 years, and up until meeting Quinn I’d had very little success controlling it despite the consult of countless doctors, gastroenterologists, naturopaths and practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  My experience was that most physicians apply a one-size-fits-all approach.... which resulted in an endless cycle of flare-up and remissions that left my body in poor shape.

Quinn’s approach is unlike any I’ve ever experienced. She takes the time to listen, to understand how all the pieces of mind and body affect one another. She uses a wonderful balance of science, chemistry, diet, lifestyle, natural healing agents when appropriate, and pharmaceuticals when necessary.  She has the unique ability to explain complicated concepts so I can understand them, and that leaves me feeling empowered to make my own decisions.

Thanks to Quinn, my health has improved enough to take on graduate school in my 40s- an endeavor I would not have otherwise tackled for fear the stress would wreak havoc on my body. With her knowledge and support I took on the challenge and not only survived but thrived.

Kate B., Asheville NC

I came to Quinn in the middle of a health crisis. I was 39 and had thought I had always made healthy choices for myself and my body. Yet over the previous year I had watched as my energy level decreased, my strength diminished, my mind felt foggy and slow, and I had gained about 30 pounds of weight. I just didn't feel right. The final straw in my need seek medical attention was very intense aching in my joints. It had gotten hard for me to sleep at night without waking up in pain, it got so bad I couldn't remove my own shirt over my head because my joints hurt so horribly.

I had a once in a lifetime trip booked to Thailand in one month and I knew I wouldn't be able to travel in my state, so I made a call to Quinn in tears. I couldn't understand why my body had turned against me, I was terrified.

From the moment I walked into her office I felt heard. She spent time to truly listen to me, her calm and knowledgeable demeanor made me feel like I was now part of a team. My team was going to figure out what my body needed and help support it back to health.  Rather than running every expensive test in the book Quinn started with a few that would give us the most information and that she felt would pinpoint the issues she managed to diagnose (correctly) from our first appointment. 

We worked first on my most pressing problems to get them under control. Always trying the least harmful and least invasive natural remedies first before considering harsh chemical medicines with their list of side effects as this was very important to me.

I was able to go on my trip to southeast Asia, and as we worked we found the root cause of my symptomsWe began working up the ladder of my issues, making the changes in my lifestyle, with natural and at times chemical (prescriptive) support to get my health back. She was always there with encouragement, unwavering empathy, and what seemed like endless knowledge on what would help. She taught me to listen to what my body was saying and to change my life according to what it needed.

Within a year I was feeling better than I had in years, I had the knowledge to keep myself free of the symptoms that had caused me to arrive at her office in tears the year before. I will always need to keep an careful eye on the root of my health crisis to insure I can continue to lead a healthy active life. Quinn gave me the knowledge, the tools and the support to do that. I know she will always be on my team and that with her by my side and my work I can live the life I want.

Erica. M., Asheville NC