A Place of Healing and Hope


Holistic Path to Healing... 

The medicine I practice is a unique blending of modern medical care, integrative medicine and old ways plant wisdom with simple, timeless methods of feeding the body, mind and soul. A foundational focus on lifestyle and nutrition feeds my practice.

Quinn Achard PA-C is a dedicated Physician Assistant offering holistic medical care based on Integrative and Functional Medicine blended with medical and intuitive herbalism, to help patients with their health imbalances.  She specializes in Integrative Psychiatry and mental health support, including  depression, anxiety, PTSD, ADD, autism/Asperger spectrum disorders, memory loss, migraines and insomnia as well. She has been a physician assistant in family practice for over 20 years also specializing with women's health.  By the time most people find her, they have often given up hope on finding their way back to vibrant optimal health.  Due to this, she also works with complicated or unusual conditions such as autoimmune disorders and nutritional support for Integrative Oncology.